Lora’s Hair Shave

By Lora Cannon

In September last year, I created a Just Giving page to raise funds for New Futures Nepal by shaving off all my hair!   I must confess, I did put in a safety clause and stated on my page that I would shave my head if the page raised 75% of target by 14th October 2016.  As my target was fairly substantial (£1172.50), I thought it was a safe bet!   Why such an odd figure?  Well, firstly, I needed to make it high enough so that losing my locks would be worthwhile.  More importantly though, the target figure was 1% of estimated New Futures Nepal costs for one year. I found this to be significant and wanted to get the message across, that although a substantial amount, it is just a small fraction of what New Futures Nepal needs every year. 

Once my friends caught on what I was doing, funds started to roll in.  A few Facebook shares, and even more people were giving.  Needless to say, the 75% 'SHAVE' threshold was reached rather quickly!  And so, on the 14th October, out came the clippers and within 10 minutes I went from luscious locks, to shorn & sheepish!  Do I regret it?  Heck no!!  The funds I raised formed part of the funding for the New Futures Nepal Annapurna trek in October 2016 through which I was lucky to meet many of The Hope Centre children we support and they are worth every inch of my hair!  Besides, I loved my new hair 'do' so much and received so much support and encouragement, I'd do it again in an instant! 

By the time my Just Giving page closed, I had reached over 100% of the initial target and was ranked in the top 5% of UK fundraisers for the month of October 2016...thanks to the generosity of all who donated!  

An easy fundraiser - yes!  A fast fundraiser - yes! Would I recommend it - yes!  Hair grows back, after all! 


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