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Our partners

Thare Machi Education | UK

Thare Machi Education is our operational partner for the development and production of the DVD education scheme. Its aims are to help women and children in the developing world achieve their potential and enable them to have more choice, pioneer new, robust, simple teaching technologies at village level, provide access to basic education in the local language, and to work with local partners. Through these measures we reduce the numbers of women and children in forced labour or having to resort to prostitution, reduce the HIV infection rates, particularly amongst women and children, and relieve disability amongst children and young people. “Education saves lives - it's simple.”

Pahar Trust Nepal | UK / Nepal

The Pahar Trust Nepal is one of our operational partners, initially for the distribution of the DVD education scheme in schools and health-posts built by them over the last 20+ years. It is a British based charity and has as its main focus raising the funds necessary and coordinating the construction of schools in remote areas of East and West Nepal with the aim of enabling some of the world's poorest children to receive a high standard of education. Dr Tim Mitchell, Trustee of The Pahar Trust Nepal said, “…there is real enthusiasm for this partnership of ideas and resources”.

Naya Goreto | Nepal

Naya Goreto is our main operational partner for the distribution of the DVD education scheme via many of Nepal’s District Health Offices and Village Development Committees. It is a registered non-profitable, non-government organization working in the field of HIV and AIDS and is affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal Government. It runs with a team of professionals having a long history of experience in the field of HIV, AIDS and Drug Use. From its establishment, it started with the gender specific advocacy programs for the drug users of Kathmandu valley. In addition, it provides different needs and rights based programs related to Drug, HIV and AIDS to its targeted groups involving ex-drug users, HIV infected and affected people in its various projects creating a common platform for ex-drug users, HIV infected and affected. In the field of Harm Reduction (HR) it has accomplished its advocacy and sensitization projects in all five development regions of Nepal for creating an enabling environment for HR services in Nepal.

Hope Family Trust | India

The Hope Family Trust is our operational partner in Kalimpong, India. It has many projects, one of which is “Hornbeam House” childrens home that has Betty and Arjun as general managers and house parents. The Hope family Trust believes that every person needs and deserves to have hope. “In this world of suffering, there are many unfortunate situations in which people lose hope. They become helpless through death, sickness, poverty or war.” Their team of staff and volunteers are eager to stand in the gap and help those people by delivering sustainable high-impact, community-based service to the poor and needy. Hope Family Trust is an independent, government registered NGO with the simple aim of transforming lives and bringing hope to those with no hope.

Disabled Welfare Association | Nepal

The Disabled Welfare Association is one of our operational partners in Kathmandu, Nepal. It runs the "Hope Centre" and is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to serving disabled and disadvantaged children and adults. Its aim is to help very needy disabled and orphaned children lead independent lives in the future by providing them with accommodation, food, clothing, medical care and education. Tilak Shrestha, General Manager said, "New Futures Nepal has been fully supporting the DWA since 2003 and many disabled and orphaned children have been leading their life from darkness to light."