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Children Hope Centre Orphanage

The Hope Centre orphanage is home to 30 children and two caring adults. It is located in the village of Nayapati on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal, and is run by the Disabled Welfare Association (DWA), one of our operational NGO partners in Nepal. The Hope Centre is dedicated to providing a home environment for very needy, disabled and orphaned children and aims to help each child try to lead an independent life at some point in the future. It does this by providing them with a full home environment, education, medical care, and love. Tilak Shrestha, General Manager says, “New Futures Nepal has been fully supporting the DWA since 2003 and many disabled and orphaned children have been leading their life from darkness to light.

How We’re Helping
New Futures Nepal provides most of the funds necessary to run Hope Centre. This includes schooling costs (specialised where necessary), medical and surgical costs, staff salaries, transportation costs for those with severe disability, food and clothing costs, and planned and preventative maintenance costs for the building and property. New Futures Nepal also provides advice and guidance to the DWA in areas such as child medical welfare and building infrastructure projects.

Key Facts
: Nepal
Who is Benefiting : 31 children and 8 adults
Start Date : 2003
End Date : Ongoing
This Year’s Forecast : £57,000