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Sponsor a child

Sponsor a Child – bankers order

If you wish to help fund a child’s education and care please join our Sponsor a Child scheme by downloading our donation form. We will send you an annual report on your child’s progress written by their house parents at the Hope Centre or Hornbeam House.

New Futures Nepal is dedicated to provide ongoing funds for the daily expenses, education and healthcare of disabled and/or orphaned children living in two homes; the Hope Centre in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Hornbeam House in Kalimpong (Northern India). Education is one of the most effective ways of breaking the poverty cycle, improving the quality of peoples’ lives and increasing their life expectancy.

New Futures Nepal is also working on community based projects which aim to use education to reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by disabled people and their families. The emphasis is on working with the communities and families of disabled individuals as well as the individuals themselves to promote inclusion in family and community life. We hope this will ultimately reduce the number of disabled individuals who are separated from their family and living in poverty on the streets.