We’re dedicated to providing ongoing funds for the daily expenses, education and healthcare of the children living in the two homes, The Hope Centre and Hornbeam House. Education is one of the most effective ways of breaking the poverty cycle, improving the quality of peoples’ lives and increasing their life expectancy. We cover all of the costs associated with the care, medical, and education needs of vulnerable children and young people, many of whom have severe disabilities or multiple additional support needs. We seek to promote their overall development, help them experience positive growth, and plan for their future by helping them gain qualification and learn life lessons from a position of safety, security, and support. It currently costs on average £1,560 per year or £130 per month to cover these costs for each child in our care. As the children get older and move into further education, we are also committed to their costs which typically are £1,707 on average per young person engaged in higher education.

To achieve this, we came up with our unique New Futures Nepal Sponsor a Child Scheme. Sponsoring a child is a wonderful and fulfilling way to support the children in one of our two homes. Essentially, it works like this.

Sponsors simply donate an affordable amount each month which goes directly to the home in which the child lives. We match you, as the Sponsor, with one of the children and send you an annual report on your child’s progress written by their in-house parents at the Hope Centre or Hornbeam House. Anyone can get involved and it’s really easy to set up.

If you would like to join our Sponsor a Child Scheme and help fund a child’s education and care, please join by downloading our Sponsor a Child form.

Monthly Donation to New Futures Nepal

From our Sponsors

“ By sponsoring a child we can see directly what a difference a regular donation makes to a specific individual. We can follow their progress, their education and where necessary their medical improvement. We support New Futures Nepal because 100% of the donations are used to benefit both the children and their wellbeing.”
- Nigel and Maggie Macbeth, New Futures Nepal Sponsors

“ Sponsoring a child helps me feel a much more personal connection with the charity and the impact of my donation. It’s great to hear each year how the child I am sponsoring is getting on and I’ve been lucky to visit the Hope Centre so I can at first-hand how the money is making a difference.”
- Donal Gallagher, New Futures Nepal Sponsor

" I feel personally connected to my child and know that my giving has the most vital and direct impact on her life and future. She has medical and special needs that wouldn't be met in Nepal without my support. It's an amazing and rewarding thing to know that even my modest monthly contribution is changing her life for the better "
- Becky Hawkins, New Futures Nepal Sponsor


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