Since 2003, the charity has raised over £1.5 million and helped many hundreds of young vulnerable children. Over the years we have provided shelter, education and a loving home for a total of 54 children and young adults. Through the employment the homes provide, we have also helped support 11 adults and their families who are dedicated to providing loving homes, safety and education to the children. Their selfless effort is a constant source of inspiration.

The charity has also helped 20-30 children and their families through the Bhaktaphur Mothers Group.

The purchase of a mini-bus for Cerebral Palsy Nepal has provided opportunities for destitute mothers and their vulnerable children with cerebral palsy and other neurological problems to get to and from physical therapy threatment and multi-sensory development play.

Through our partnership with Thare Machi Education, we’ve reached thousands of children and young people; the vital educational services we’ve provided have helped inform and educate them. Impoverished families living in Nepal have received information on a range subjects from basic hygiene, human trafficking, HIV/AIDs, safe water, malaria, TB, safe sex, puberty for teenagers, and first aid, all aimed at improving the quality of life of at-risk individuals, families, and communities.

Via the Earthquake Lifeline, we have also helped hundreds more Nepali children, young people and families.

The original Hope Centre children – from children to independent adults

The original Hope Centre children have all prospered in the last 15 years and are successfully pursuing their own independence. Many of them are now living independently, some have married, all have gone onto further education or vocational training, and many of them are already working full time in their chosen careers.

Between them, there are two qualified nurses, two engineers, one Health Clinic Manager, one Pharmacy Assistant, one Private Tutor, one in Tourism and one in Hotel Management.

These success stories demonstrate the impact of the work of NGOs and partners like the Disabled Welfare Association (DWA) and the Hope Family Trust. But to do more of this work, charities like ours have to keep up the regular fundraising and donations.


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